Recipe April 29, 2021

Lemon Mousse with Raspberries

This is one of my go-to desserts. It is easy to make, can be made ahead and looks lovely. I usually serve it with raspberries, but it’s also great with blueberries. This is also the lemon mousse for my Gingerbread Lemon Mousse Torte.

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6 servings


2 lemons
8 oz. cream cheese at room temperature
¾ c. sugar
¼ t. vanilla extract
1 c. heavy cream
1 pt. raspberries


Grate 2 tsp. of yellow zest from lemons and squeeze 3 Tbs. juice.

Using an electric mixer at medium speed, beat softened cream cheese, lemon zest and juice, sugar and vanilla until smooth. 

In a separate bowl, beat heavy cream until soft peaks form.

Fold cream cheese mixture into the whipped cream.

Spoon into individual glasses and smooth the top.

Chill several hours or overnight.

Top with raspberries before serving.